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ENRICO BRUNO srl produces, distributes and offers technical assistance by more than 50 years on a wide range of scientific laboratory instruments.

If you work in a biological, chemical, clinical chemistry or a quality control lab and you need to purchase an electronic balance, a microscope, a hood or a thermostatic incubator, a shaker or a water bath, call us or write to us

Our production program, focused on the thermal control sector, is comprehensive of thermostatic ovens, incubators, refrigerated incubators, water baths, water distillers.

Within this range of products we are in condition to supply productions on Customer’s demand, according to specific technical requirement or dimensions.

We are also one of the biggest Companies of North West of Italy dealing with scientific labware, both in the public than in the private sector.



We offer a wide range of products (Instruments, Consumables, Reagents) which are in most part managed at our warehouse with adequate stocks for a ready delivery service, mainly in the sector of plastic disposables labware, of glassware, of general consumables and for some chemical reagent and microbiological diagnostics.

Within the Brands are the most important Italian Companies of the sector and many Suppliers of the E.U., among the most qualified in respective fields.

The codified and stock managed references are some thousands: addressing to us your requests you will be able to reduce significantly the number of your Suppliers with clear managerial advantages.



The technical service ENRICO Bruno srl can grant to its Customers, both during the warranty period than after, is the one of a producer, with the experience, the availability of spare parts and the effectiveness of a Company with its producing plant corresponding to the service site.

The same experience and skill of technical people is available both for our own production instruments than for the distributed ones.


Via Duino 140
10127 Torino Italy
Tel. +39 011 3160808
Fax +39 011 3160753
PEC pec@pec.enrico-bruno.it
CF/P.IVA: 04891320014


For orders, prices requests and offers, technical service commerciale@enrico-bruno.it
For administration service amministrazione@enrico-bruno.it
For Direction – Purchase Department acquisti@enrico-bruno.it


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